All B.B.Q serve with salad and mint chatni and chili sauce.
Bütün B.B.Q'ler karışık yeşil salata, nane sos ve acı sos ile servis edilir.
Bhune Besan Ka Murgh Tikka
Explore a brust of flavors with this recipe the uses a lovely marinade of yoghurt besan garam masala, cumin powder and tandoori masala.
B.B.Q. Lamb Chops
Spicy lamb chops is delicious and made by chops cooked on with yoghurt and a B.B.Q. masala
Chicken Shashik
Marinated chicken chunks pierced along with capsicum, onion and tomato in a skewer.
Lamb Boti Kababs
Boti kababs are made with chunk of lamb that are marinated in a spiced yoghurt which add a lovely warming defth to meat.
Hari Machhi Kebab
Hari machhi kebab is spiced fish kebab made with black pepper, turmeric and cariiahder. The dish is quite dry and thereforegoes well be spiced chutneys with.
Seek Kebabs
Is the prepared with minced meat with spices and grilled on Skewers. It is cooked in a Tandoor and is often served with chutnegy and mint sauce.
Tandoori Chicken Wing or Darum Steak
This ones a classic and an absolute croud plaaser chicken marinated in ginger, curd, lime and plenty of spices, grilled and garnished with lemon and onion rings.
Chicken Bihari Kabab
Chicken marinated in a mix os spices, yoghurt and mustrad oil for long time before grilled. Raw kiwi fruit is used to tenderise the chicken.
Rashmi Tikka
The creamy texture and the tenderness of the chicken, makes this one of the most popular Indian kebap recipes.
Chicken Tikka Masala
Chicken tikka masala is a dish of marinated and broiled chunks of chicken in a creamy spice-infused tomato sauce.