All time favorites

Balti Butter Chicken
Butter chicken is one of the most popular balti chicken dishes especially in the indian west.
Cooked in the butter, with aromatic spices, cream and almonds, this mild dish can be enjoyed everyone.
Badem, krema ve tereyağı ile hafif baharatlanmış tavuk.
Chicken Ginger
Succulent pieces of boneless chicken cooked in traditional herbs & spices with predominant flavor of ginger.
Taze zencefil aramoası ağırlıklı özgün baharatlarla pişen tavuk.
Chicken Madras
Chicken madras prepared with fresh herbs & spices.
Egzotik baharatlarla hazırlanmış tavuk madras.
Murg Ananas Chilles
Boneless chicken cooked with pineapple, green peppers & onion with fresh herbs and spices.
Hindistan cevizi sütü ile hazırlanmış ananaslı tavuk.
Shahi Korma
Korma is a mild creamy curry thickened with ground nuts with origins in the mughlai cuisine of the
Chicken Bhuna Masala
The word Bhuna is used to describe the process where spices are fried gently to bring out their flavors and chicken cooked in is own juice, but not much sauce
Soğan, domates, zencefil ve özel baharatlarla hazırlanmış tavuk.
Hyderabadi Green Chicken
Hyderabadi green chicken is a famous recipe of hayderabad made during marriage.
It is made using verious spice, yogurt and a paste of roasted nuts.
Fıstık, badem ve baharatlarla zenginleştirilmiş yeşil körülü tavuk.
Chicken ngara
Their main curiosit revolves around the somoky aroma and charcoal flavour of the dish.
Geleneksel tavuk köri.
Chicken Saagwala
This tasty, nutritious and healthy dish combines chicken with spinach.
Ispanaklı tavuk.
Murgh Chana Masala
Chickpea and chicken cooked in an exotic blend of North Indian spices.
Nohutlu tavuk masala.
Chicken Doh Pyaza
Chicken doh pyaza is one of the most tastiest recipe. Marinated chicken is cooked in rich Indian spices and the garnished with red pepper rings. One of the most famous Punjabi dish in traditional style.
Soğan, kırmızı biber ve özel sos ile hazırlanmış tavuk eti.
Teekha Murg
For all the spice fans! Tender chicken spiked with fiery masalas, cooked in mustard butter oil with the tang of tomatoes to balance.
Baharat sevenler için hardal yağı içinde sotelenmiş, hafif ekşimsi sos ile hazırlanmış tavuk.
White Chicken Korma
The base of korma sauce is a mixture of yogurt cream and pureed nuts blended with toasted spices ingredients can be marinated in the sauce before are slowly cooked.
Baharat karışımıyla marine edilen tavuk korma sos, yoğurt krema ve fıstık ezmesi ile pişirilmiştir.
Chicken Karahi
Karahi is a gravy with the main base as tomatoes with onion fresh ginger too.
Which either chicken this is one famous chicken praparation in most of Indian and Pakistani restaurants.
Yeşil biber, domates, soğan ve baharatlar ile hazırlanmış karahi usulü tavuk.
Kashmiri Chicken
This is very famous dish from Kashmiri base of red creamy curry with coconut milk and spices.
Kaşhmire has baharatlar, krema ve hindistan cevizi sütü ile hazırlanmış özel soslu tavuk.